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This sacred and peaceful Oasis is a Gathering Point in CyberSpace for all who love the truth of Being, and all who love Life ItSelf. In fact, I am certain that all who have found their way here are those who cannot help but marvel at Life`s incomparable intelligence, wholistic design, and awe-inspiring Nature! In-deed, by simply being here, I know that your keen sense of adventure and the desire to understand and participate in something larger and greater has brought you to this very moment. If you have found this place, you are no doubt an individual who sees Life's challenges as strangely synchronous opportunities to mature, to learn - to creatively express your `better nature` and seek to master `whatever situation may arise - to your highest ability. Ha! Such `challenges` test our mettle, build character, and give us an inkling as to why it is we came into the earth in the first place.  Yes dear hearts... I am honored to invite each and all who sense the truth of BEINGNOW - to 'Come and See!'

And I can promise, that all who come with peace and passion in their hearts, will find both a warm welcome and all of the intellectual and spiritual sustenance they require for now. Let the seeming mystery of Life's purposes be re-discovered and known. Let us dare to dwell in our inimitable essence and thus begin to live out of our highest nature. And with a humble willingness to learn, and a passionate desire to actually find out through our own living breathing experience just who we are, we will begin to find real meaning. And this, is fulfilment, so let`s get radical and find our unique place in this cosmic pattern of things! For it is in this simple yet potent manner that "all things are made new!" And living out of such newness, we can`t help but find the well spring of compassion and good sense which shall light our way from here on in.

This sacred cyber zone will provide all who love BEINGNOW with Discussion Forums,   Synchronous 'Spiritual Expression', Intimate opportunities for 'Sacred Conversation,Photo Galleries, Document Archives and much more.

Let us explore the wholistic nature of Life's loving and wondrous design together! Let us 'let a habitation be built for the manifestation of the excellence of Spiritual Expression on earth'. For have we not all been 'strangers in a strange land' for far too long?

Now the season of awakening is come! The strength, beauty, integrity, and inimitable creativity of each one is vital. Beyond that is a dynamic which few have yet explored. 'Enlightened collective consciousness' is a paradigm which remains largely unknown as a means to serve, build, and indeed to let 'Life's agenda' find form on earth.

It is simply a matter of letting our inner reality find spiritual expression exactly where we are. This, 'vibrational responsibility' is the key. For by being true to our highest and best, we share together in letting this cosmic adventure create it's own forms and manifest it's own design. Who knows what shall be? Yet by simply BEINGNOW, we literally create the possibility of sharing in the creation of a world we all long for.

      "The truth is true, and all is well, unconquerable Life prevails!"                          

Namaste, and Peace

Your Fellow Wayfarer,

         Gary  *+*

Music by Gary Courtland-Miles`


For more data go to http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/


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